Time of LOTP history

Lodge on the Point is an off the grid property featuring an authentic 1940’s cedar lodge with several very private cottages/cabins along the peninsula’s 1300 ft. of shoreline. For the first time in more than 35 yrs the gated point is open to the public. Lodge on the Point is tucked close to the mountainsides to the north, and extends south into the lake, with 3 sides water.

The property is 100% off-grid, but don’t let that discourage you! Off grid means there is no municipality to provide services. No hydro, sanitary, water, cable, fire dept., regional police etc.. BUT that doesn’t mean we don’t have all the conveniences of a 5 star facility. We built our own solar powered grid that supplies all our cottages with 24/7 hot & cold running water and power the same as any city house. We have satellite and WiFi at the main lodge for those who need to touch base with office or home. We have 2 septic treatment plants on the property that have been fully approved by the Ministry of environment. We have 2 – 5000 lb propane tanks that supply all we need to cook and heat. Lodge on the Point really is an oasis in the middle of paradise. ALSO, as for the bears, because the lodge is situated on a peninsula, three sides water, and the entrance and road coming in are literally carved into sides of the Timagami mountain range, large animals instinctively will not put themselves into a place which they can not easily escape. Therefore, there has never been a report of a large animal within a km of our property since the 1940s. Beyond that, well it is the true north!

The property is nestled on Lake Manitou, a deep, crystal clear, spring fed lake which is approximately 420 km north of Toronto. Situated in the “Timagami Anomaly” in the Timagami mountain range, which has some of the highest elevation in Ontario. The area is recognized as having one of North America’s highest positive magnetic charges. The panorama is quintessentially Northern Ontario and a mesmerizing display of the art of nature. For decades the property was used by various Native organizations as a private place of health and wellness (“Healing lodge”). Lake Manitou is also part of a 6000 yr old Anishinaabe canoe route, imbued with Native traditions and story.

The property features private cottages for individual rentals or group rentals for up to 30 people. Groups can book for full exclusive use of facilities, and we will work with you to create a one of a kind event. We have access to private chefs, security, entertainment and more. Excursions and activities, from guided fishing and wilderness experiences to lake explorations and water activities, on the Grand Entertainer Pontoon boat or dockside parties and bonfires can be coordinated and booked in advance.

Lodge on the Point is a spectacular backdrop for intimate weddings, large family gatherings or a stag and doe.

Our cottages are available for individual rentals Victoria Day through to Labour Day and Thanksgiving weekend. Group bookings available year round. Christmas and New Years could be memory of a lifetime.

We can’t wait to welcome you!
Your hosts,
Tim & Roz