Enjoy a Secluded Northern Getaway

Plan your romantic getaway at Lodge on the Point – a stunning escape in Northern Ontario.

Explore Manitou Lake in a canoe or quad / bike 100s of miles of trials through untouched forests, or stay in your private cottage watching wildlife all day. Enjoy Lodge on the Point at your pace and truly unwind.

Our cottages are available for rentals Victoria Day through to Labour Day and Thanksgiving weekend.

Call 705 980 0492 to book immediately. Or fill in the form below, and we’ll contact you.

    Treat Yourself

    Bring whatever you need to unwind with your partner – and enjoy the privacy of Lodge on the Point

    Firelit Evenings

    Sit in the flicker light of campfires and relax as the fire burns down

    Explore Together

    Adventure through untouched forests and discover natural springs

    Clear Night Skies

    Away from the city and light pollution, the night sky at Lodge on the Point is like something out of a movie. With more stars than most people ever get to see in the night sky, some of our visitors can’t believe their eyes on their first visit.

    Relax under the stars with your loved one, and forget about the stresses of everyday life.

    Pet Friendly Wilderness Experiences

    Our lodge is found within the Timagami mountain range, which has some of the highest elevation in Ontario. Here you will find clear air and excellent trails, surrounded by untouched wilderness.

    Lake Adventures

    The property is nestled on Manitou Lake, a deep, crystal clear, spring fed lake which is approximately 420 km north of Toronto. Tour the lake on our Grand Entertainer Pontoon boat, and make a splash cooling off in the lake’s waters.

    Call or Email to Book Your Stay at Lodge On The Point